About Us

POLIDON is a rotational molding manufacturer, located at Donetsk, the heart of East Ukraine. Since the first day of starting business, we have been providing complete manufacturing capabilities with our specialized crew. Our state of the-art technology and facilities enable us to meet all of your rotational molding requirements throughout the complete project cycle, from start to finish.

In our web site, you will not only find our production, but also other sort of products, which could be made by rotomolding. At this time, road barriers, planters, some boxes and especially variety of liquid tanks are in our product range. If your orders may cover the costs for building molds, we are ready to add your desires to our production line.

Our understanding of business is to build our company based on delivering quality with the most cost effective pricing available. We believe in conducting business honestly and with integrity. We pledge to provide total dedication to each individual client’s need large or small. So by any means of contact please do not hesitate to reach us for any kind of requirements as well as your comments

“Customer is always right “

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